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2d Barcode Template


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Good Morning,


On every job I setup I have to place a 2d barcode on each sheet in my setup file. I use the following rule to create my barcodes. Currently I copy and paste this rule into every new job i create. I was wondering if there is a way to set this rule up so that it always appears as a selectable option in the text rules?


barcodeData = "";

barcodeData = "0"; //If this is the last page in the document, the value = "G" else the value = "0"

barcodeData += "0";

barcodeData += "03"; //this is the # of sheets of paper in the document--

recNum = FusionPro.Composition.inputRecordNumber;

barcodeData += FormatNumber("000000", recNum);

barcodeData += "01"; //this is the sheet # in document --

barcodeData += "000";

var DMbarcode = new DataMatrixBarcode;

DMbarcode.pointSize = 3;

DMbarcode.preferredFormat = 7;

return DMbarcode.Make(barcodeData);


Please advise.

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You can copy the .dif file of a template with the rule (I like to create a "dummy" template with just the rules I want to copy) to a common location then use the data wizard to "import a data source from another document". Choose the .dif file as your data source and click through the rest of the options.


This will import all the rules (and the data file path) from the .dif into your new template. Once done, you can optionally go back and choose a different data file for your new project.

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