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Line Spacing - 1 Variable - losing format


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Good Afternoon,


I have a text frame with one variable, labeled "Bio".

The user is typing in several paragraphs for this one variable, and I'm trying

to adjust the line spacing for all of the information typed into the Bio variable.


I have a rule which does the following:


return '<magnify type=leading factor=115 hyphenate=false>' + Field("Bio");


The line spacing in the first paragraph is correct, but the second and third paragraphs have increasing spacing between their lines (e.g. Paragraph 1 is single-spaced, Paragraph two looks like 1.5 spacing, paragraph 3 is double spaced)


Is this rule meant to format all of the paragraphs entered under the one variable, or am I way off on this one?



Parrish Morgan

Technical Specialist




FusionPro Designer 5.1P1a

Adobe Acrobat 7.0

Windows XP Version 2002 Service Pack 2

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