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graphic frame field not showing?

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I have a convulted template that was created by PTI that I am trying to follow for another item. Essentially calling a graphic (pdf) based on a drop down list. I have created the rules and made a test data file, but when I create a graphic frame, the field to choose is not there. I can create a text box that sees the field, so why doesn't the graphic frame see the field? :confused:
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What I am trying to accomplish is that there is a graphic that is pulling a pdf from a library (which will be in teh template in marcom) (also there are two that are watermarks) based off a text based list (again uploaded in marcom) and return the proper PDF... here is what I have so far but something definately isn't right...


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It's hard to tell without the data file but based on what you describe it sounds like you need to go into Input Options and edit the field to be a Graphic type.

That's it! Thanks so much! :D Now let's see if I can get the rest to work :o

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