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Help with FPImposer

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I'm confused about the whole workflow in Fusion Pro 5.1P2c. We were very recently upgraded and can now use FPImposer to create my impositions.

FPImposer is very straight forward and easy to use. I've created templates, composed files, and uploaded files. Now, what happens?


Before, I had to upload the imposition for the piece and the job planner would select the appropriate imposition when they created the job ticket.

Do I still need to upload an imposition? What do the job planners select when they create the job ticket?


Basically, I'm creating the impositions with FPImposer, but I need to know how to get those impositions into the production. I can't find any information on the printable site to answer this.



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I guess I'm not explaining myself too well.


In our workflow, the customer goes online. Fills in their information for the their business card, flyer, etc. and orders the product. This will send an email to the job planner who will login and create the job ticket and imposition plan to create the final, imposed PDF that will be used for printing on the Indigo. I was creating impositions in Quark or InDesign and uploading them to the site for every product.


Now with FPImposer, the imposition is done as a ".fpi" file that is applied when I Compose my files. There is no impositon for the job planner to pick when creating the job ticket.





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Hi Rob,


You need to upload the .fpi file in the Dashboard tab of the Manager. You will see under this header a link to "Imposition Manager". Upload the .fpi file here and name it something identifiable. The .fpi file will then be available to be selected from the Dashboard. If ithe imposition if for a versioned template, after you've uploaded the .fpi file, go back to Form Setup and click on the Configuration tab. At the very bottom of press settings you'll see a dropdown for all the FP Imposer files you have uploaded. You can select the imposition file you want to be the "default" for that templates. This will allow users in the Dashboard to jump over selecting an imposition file and go directly to creating the job ticket. The imposition will automatically use that default imposition.


Hope that helps!

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