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Imposition, and Shells, and Reader Spread


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  1. I'm printing simple 4-Impression Newsletters on Ledger sheets.
  2. Impressions 1 & 4 are on the front, 2 & 3 are on the back. Fold the Tabloid in half and voila-newsletter
  3. In real life, Impressions 2 & 3 are pre-printed shells, so the digital press only ever prints the Front. I need only output 1 Simplex Sheet, with Impressions 4 & 1 side by side.
  4. My template has all 4 Impressions, and is setup as Letter size.
  5. OnRecordStart is handling turning Impressions 2 and 3 OFF for Press output. (I have them in the template so I can output in reader-spread for Proofing.)


I've tried FPImposer with

  • Document 8.5x11
  • Press Sheet: Ledger
  • Layout: Saddle Stitch as well as Single-Gate SidebySide


It works only if I output all 4 Impressions, as if I were going to duplex the job.


How do I get imposed output of Impressions 4 & 1 on a Ledger sheet but keep my template as Letter?

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Could you remove impressions 2 & 3 from the document itself (since they are already preprinted on the shells)? Then make your imposition a 2-page simplex (see screenshot.) Instead of 4&1 it will be 2&1.


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I'd like to keep pages 2 & 3 in the document, since I want to output those for screen proofs for customers. For Press output, I'll suppress those pages with OnRecordStart, which should be the same as deleting them from the file.


When I setup the FPI as per your screenshot, I simply get









How do I get FPI to impose the document as

Record1 Sheet1: 4,1

Record2 Sheet1: 4,1

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I had told FPI to expect a 2-page document (under the Document tab where it asks for Pages Per Record) with the thought of deleting the unused pages and selecting Simplex as the layout.


I don't know how to achieve what you are after and still leave all 4 template pages, unless there is a way to specify to only output 1 side during Compose.


I wonder if there is a way to tell your output device to only output odd pages. If so, you would simply compose the whole thing without suppressing 2,3 and simply tell the RIP or printer not to print even pages.

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