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Can I reference an ExternalDataFile in a Template Form?

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I'm working on a Customer that has a master data file of information for each store. Some of their products are ordered by store number, some are ordered by store brand.


Currently, I have the iForm set up to populate the form with only the store numbers/brands that the users have in their territory.


Problem becomes, if the spreadsheet is updated I need to go through each product and adjust accordingly.


Is there a way that I could populate a Form from information found in the ExternalDataFile?


Meaning, is it possible to say something along the lines of "If UserID == 'aetheredge', show only values assigned to that user"

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You can do this with the User Context ID field in the iForm. You'll still have to update the iForm every time they make changes but you shouldn't have to change the product templates at all. We use PHP to convert the customer databases into the iForm format so its a pretty fast process.
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