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Batch Page Count and Record Page Count

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We have a project we're working on where we're outputting reminder letters. We have a custom barcode that's needed for our mail inserter to figure out how many pages go in each envelope. We have a daily file with a large number of records, and each record will have a main body page, possibly an additional overflow page, and possibly 1-10 additional inserts. (We actually have 10 pages set up in the document for each of the potential inserts.)


The inserter needs a particular format to do it's job so we need to set up the barcode with a sequential numbering system that uses a rule to determine:


That page's count in the overall run

That page's count in the record.



So example of how the barcodes need to be show on each page:


TotalRunPageNumber RecordPageNumber


Example with 5 records:



First Record has Main Body Page and One Insert


00001001 <-- First Record Main Body Page

00002002 <-- First Record Insert


Second Record has Main Body Page, Overflow Page, and One Insert


00003001 <-- Main Body Page

00004002 <-- Overflow Page

00005003 <-- Insert 1


Third Record has Main Body Page only


00006001 <-- Main Body Page


Fourth Record has Main Body Page, Overflow Page, Insert 1, Insert 2, Insert 3


00007001 <-- Main Body

00008002 <-- Overflow

00009003 <--Insert

00010004 <--Insert

00011005 <--Insert


Fifth Record has Main Body Page only


00012001 <-- Main Body



Again, first five digits = Page count in run

Next three digits = Page count in record


So is there a way to create a rule on record end, or job end, that can handle this? Just needs to be able to determine the page's count in the entire run, and then the page count within the record itself, and generate this sequential numbering system throughout the run?

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Ok, at this point we have most of this figured out. The one piece we're missing is a method for counting consecutive pages in a batch where each record might have a different/varying number of pages.


Can anyone help with that?


So again, we can easily count the page numbers in a record, but we just need a way to have that page's number count for the entire run.

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