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Wrong variable image inserts during composition?


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Hi folks,


First off, I apologize if this isn't the correct area to post this problem, but it seems to occur after my template is uploaded to our store. It works fine in FusionPro desktop (version 7.2P1k)...


Without going into too much detail, I have a booklet product template that's set to accommodate 10 different trim sizes and 10 different page count range quantities. Depending on the chosen trim size and page count range, a JavaScript code will insert an appropriate trim marks file.


My problem is that out of 100 possible combinations, there's one that when chosen, an incorrect trim marks file is being inserted. The thing is, this only happens AFTER uploading the template to our store. I've checked, rechecked and verified that the JavaScript coding is correct, and I've ran numerous test composition in FusionPro desktop, which all yield the correct trim marks. I've checked that the actual trim marks PDF file in our store is correct, which it is. I've tried the problematic combination in multiple browsers, thinking it might be an inexplicable hiccup in Firefox, but the same problem occurs.


I'm at a loss. I know the code is correct, the trim marks file is correct, the template is correct, etc. etc. etc. Can anybody offer other suggestions for something I could try?

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