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Inappropriate Personal Messages

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I am very upset!


We have someone, kqle, who just joined the forum on 12/28/2008 sending personal messages entitled "It's a matter of Conscience". I do not belong to this forum for political action! Irrespective or whether this persons information is good or bad, this is not the place for it. I expect management to respond properly to this.



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Hello Richard,


Sorry to hear that you received the spam message from this user. A couple of other users also reported receiving a message from this user as well when they were using a previous user account.


We've looked into this user account and have traced the spammer back to where they accessed the forum from. Their account and private messages have been deleted from the community and we have taken actions to limit their future access to the community.


If anyone else receives these spam messages through this forum in the form of private messages, please let us know by emailing us at fusionProSupport*at*printable.com. While there are a number of more draconian measures that can be taken, we would hope that we can limit occurrences such as this without making access to the forum for our customers more difficult.


Thanks, all!

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