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Using rules to assign parent/child data...

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I may be over-thinking this, but...


Our customer wants their employees to order business cards online. But, to make sure all information is correct, they want to work from a master spreadsheet of information. Basically, the buyer would enter his/her employee number and all info would populate behind the scenes.


I know this can be done using Parent/Child settings in the Define HTML section. But, it requires using a pick-list for the parent. There will be over 800 users, so that's too cumbersome. Plus, just assigning all that data would take forever.


Is there a way to write a rule that will (after the buyer enters his/her employee number) assign values to address fields and phone number fields? Then use that data to populate the PDF.


Sorry for the novel. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the workflow.


Thanks a bunch for any pointers!


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