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Stop Text Box From Moving


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I was asked to add an 'SM' to a companies logo on all their products they have available on a portal. I place the text where I want it to go where it is evenly spaced from two faces (top and right) of the logo, and collect my file. My text box does not overlap the logo image at all, but when I upload and proof it, the SM come up overlapping the logo.


Right now I am just moving the text box around and uploading in a guess and check fashion trying to get the text to place in the exact right place. It is not moving but some huge amount, but enough to make the spacing disproportionate.


Are there any better ways to handle this, or to prevent the shift from happening between preview and proof?


Attached are two screen shots; one of where my textbox is placed and the other where the proof is placing my text.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

Moving Textbox.zip

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This maybe something you need to submit to support directly at gfx@pti.com as frames do not typically change position on the art board.


It could be associated to the graphic frame and the scaling option applied to the logo, could be an alignment issue of the text within the frame or it could be using text wrap or a different justification of the text in the frame itself. If this doesn't solve the problem, go ahead and send the Collect folder to support. Thanks.

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