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Help with code... tutorials or videos?


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Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can go online for training on javascript for FusionPro? On the site there are videos for using the switch wizards, etc. but nothing on empty rules. I know how to use the wizards and switch rules, etc. but when it comes to the more complicated rules requiring me to start with an empty rule, that's where the trouble begins for me. I save the rules I've picked up from here and from PTI directly (thank you everyone!), but always seem to run across something that doesn't apply to those previous rules, and I have the need to create a new one.


Javascript confuses the #(*^#$ out of me... HELP!



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This forum is your best bet but if you are looking to learn JavaScript in general you can try http://www.w3schools.com/


You can try doing Google searchs with the word javascript in the search. For instance if you were looking to replace some text, search the terms javascript replace.


Another thing you can do is narrow your search to just this forum by searching the terms followed by site:http://forums.pti.com

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