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FusionPro VDP v8.0 includes new functionality to create HTML Output. This new output format is primarily designed for use within an email distribution service. In addition, the output can also be used for online marketing as a landing page (or lead capture page) that may contain links to other webpages.


The information provided below is the excerpt from the User Guide detailing how to use this new functionality with an email distribution service.

HTML Output

The HTML Email output module is useful if you have a relationship with an email distribution service such as ExactTarget. The HTML email output created by FusionPro will consist of a single HTML file and a set of JPG output files which contain the image of each page of each record. The workflow to use HTML is as follows:


  • Choose HTML email as the output format and press the options button. [htmlEmailOptions.jpg]
  • Fill in the Base URL field to point to where images created by FusionPro will be accessed over the internet. This is usually provided by your email distribution company, or you can choose your own location on your website if you are emailing them yourself.
  • Determine the name of the variable used by your email system that will uniquely identify each recipient. This variable will be injected into the HTML output that will be fed to the email distribution system. The email system will replace this variable for every email that it sends. For example, if your email system has the variable AccountNumber and it uses percent signs to delimit variables in HTML, then you enter %AccountNumber% in the next field in the dialog box.
  • The other settings in the HTML options dialog can be left as their default values, or you can change them as you wish to set the image quality.
  • Create a JavaScript callback rule called OnNewOutputFile that will name each output file to match the variable you set in step 3. To continue our example, if you have a FusionPro field called AccountNumber, then OnNewOutputFile should look like this:
  • Open your email distribution program. There should be a place to paste the HTML of your email. Open the HTML output file created by FusionPro in a text editor and copy and paste the HTML into your email system editor. You might need to edit the HTML that indicates the variable, because, such as in our example, the code might have been adjusted to HTML markup.
  • Copy the jpg images created by the FusionPro composition to the folder specified by your email distribution system.
  • If set up properly, the email system should replace the HTML variable in your email message with the account number for each user. That will point to each JPG image created for your email and it will be pulled over the internet into the email system.


To create hyperlinks inside your email, follow the following steps:


  • Each hyperlink source needs a FusionPro frame. If you don’t already have a frame drawn where you need a hyperlink, then just draw a new blank text frame over the area. The frame must be named.
  • Next, in the callback rule OnRecordStart, you can set the hyperlink value for each named frame:
    var f = FindTextFrame("HyperLink1"); // name of frame
    f.hyperlink = "http://mycompany.com/offers/%accountnumber%.html";


Repeat for each hyperlink frame you need. Note that the hyperlink destination can be a constant (such as your company’s home page) or contain a variable to be replaced by your email system (such as accountnumber) which will point to the recipient’s personal page.

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