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Bullet points to show up when previewing

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I have the java code below:


return Field("Address 1")+' '+'•'+' '+Field("City State Zip 1")+' '+'•'+' '+Field("Phone 1");


Fields Address 1, City State Zip 1, and Phone 1 all exist and it's supposed to put a space then a bullet then another space between the three fields. When it previews, it actually put the text  •  in there instead of the actual characters.


What am I missing?

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Here's an example of one way it could be done:


var addr1 = Field("Address 1");
var addr2 = Field("Address 2");
var spacer = " • ";

if (addr1.length > 0)
addr1 += spacer;

if (addr2.length > 0)
addr2 += spacer;

return addr1 + addr2 + Field("City State Zip 1") + spacer + Field("Phone 1");


It checks the string length of the value for those fields. If there is more than 0 characters, it appends the spacer string.

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