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Variable charting issue


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I'm doing a utility bill that contains a bar chart that changes from bill to bill. Everything is working great until I run into a user that has all zeros for usage data. Then I get a "Minimum scale is not smaller than maximum scale set or largest number in data. Check the scale values set in the chart format." error.


The data is correct, they just have zero usage, I would think it should just return a blank graph.


Is there any fix/workaround for this? the biggest problem is when I get this error it messes up that record (doesn't print some of the other variable data on the page) and I have to back in an manually reprint all the records that have no data usage.


I'm getting my graphing data by pulling my usage numbers into an array and then population the chart table with that data.


thanks in advance.

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As a workaround, can you create a graphic in Illustrator (or whatever program you want) that looks correct, and then write a rule that will use that graphic instead of creating a chart if the values in the data file are zero?
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