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Record Count on Main Data File

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I need to get a record count on a file so I can make decisions on which indicia to use. I have seen a few samples in the forum but can't make any work. Here is the code I have put into my rules.




var myNewFile = new ExternalDataFileEx(FusionPro.Composition.inputFileName, ",");


presortindicia = (myNewFile.recordCount > 499);

fcindicia = (myNewFile.recordCount > 199);


//Graphic rule

if (presortindicia)

return Resource("Presort FC SPEC 825.pdf"); //this file has been added as a resource


else if (fcindicia)

return Resource("Straight FC SPEC 825.pdf"); //this file has been added as a resource



return NullResource();


I put both, presortindicia and fcindicia in the JavaScript Globals

var fcindicia = "false";

var presortindicia = "false";


What am I doing wrong. Everything I have seen on this is talking about ExternalDataFiles, where you know the name, and not the main data file. Eventually this will go on a Marcom storefront and I wont know the name of the data file the client uploads.

I tried these threads:

Basic External Data File

External Data files record count



Thanks for the help.

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