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FP Imposer BUG Proven - No Resolution

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I have found an issue where it defaults to checking the duplicate box in the third imposition stepping setting (i.e. "horizontal," "stack," and "vertical") when the impo is saved out. I figured out a workaround where you can add an additional stepping (i.e. change to 5 if it's actually supposed to be 4), save the file, change it back to what it's supposed to be and then save again.


I also have another issue that I believe is due to something in the imposer settings where composition crashes when it begins to create the second imposition page. I submitted that one to support on October 25th of last year and have been given nothing but the runaround on it so I just gave up on them actually addressing it. Sort of like the expectation that they could come up with a version of the software to run on Lion before Mountain Lion is released.


EDIT: Wow...just saw that they just released Lion support. Miracle.

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I have had a problem with the imposer since it's beginnings with it not being able to accurately rotate an row or column correctly. The sample file I've uploaded illustrates this point. One side of my document had a solid bleed so I wanted to turn it around and remove the bleed to make it a chop cut saving time and cost in bindery. To my surprise the output document rotates correctly but the bleed values are way off. No matter how I try to rotate the document leaving the bleed turned off or on the documents do not align. This has been going on since the rotation ability had been introduced in the Imposer program and I got just tired of requesting the fix so I don't use it.

Please help.


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