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Graphic Resource in Links folder?


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Watched the video on how to get the data file to pull resources. The demo only covered the instance of having these resources in the same directory. I would like to put my resources in a subdirectory. The demo said this could be done by adding the file path to the script, but when I do this it seems to change the result to "text" and I get the error "This graphic rule must return a resource type graphic". Here is my current rule:


return '/Users/george/Desktop/Testing/Links/' + CreateResource(Field("Photo") , 'graphic' , 1);


What do I need to do here? :confused:

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The path needs to be inside the CreateResource function. Though you should be able to use a path relative to your template file. Assuming it's located in the "Testing" folder, you could use this code:


CreateResource("./Links/" + Field("Photo"), 'graphic', 1);

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