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Varying width of columns with graphic


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I have a letterhead that has three columns. Each column can vary in length. And there are verticle bars in between each column at set distances.


gray lines should move depending on length of text

content should be vertically centered

lines of content should not break or be indented

gray line height and weight should not change

each area can have up to 4 lines of content


.085” between line and start of text block

.15” between end of text and line


I have attached a sample with three different examples.


I am assuming need to use tables.

And graphics for the vertical grey lines.

I have created Text resources for each column of text:





















I have created graphic files for the Grey vertical bars:





Can anyone help me.


I am not very proficient with tables.:o

I have searched the forum for help, but I don't understand tables enough to take what has been posted and turn it into something I can use.


Thanks in advance!:)


Chris Boehm

FusionPro Desktop 7.2P1k

Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.2

Mac OS X 10.6.8

test example.pdf

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