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C128M pfb will not RIP on Indigo

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I'm having a problem loading the IDAutomationC128M pfb font on our Indigo. Per the FP Desktop and Indigo document (specifically the "HP Production Flow Single RIP option), I copied it into the \jobs\press\images folder and then into the \jobs\RIP\input\4colors folder, but the press comes up with an error on the second file copy that it doesn't recognize the file as a PFB file.


I was able make this process work previously with a c3of9 font and I noticed that in the font library (on the mac where FP is run) that the 3of9 fonts are all suitcase files, whereas the c128 fonts are otf files. Has anyone else run into this problem?

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I did all of that. That's how I ended up with a .pfb file in the first place.


While we're covering the basics, I forgot to mention that I'm running FP desktop 7.2P1k on Mac OS 10.6.8 and outputting JLT files.

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