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Page Count Rule


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Is there a way to create a rule based on the page count?


For example:

if pagecount > 1

return "Continued on next page"


I know you can insert $pagecount into a text box but don't know how to add $pagecount into a rule.



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I have the following working just fine.


var r = Resource("File.pdf");

if (r.countPages > 2)
   FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("page3", true);


I was able to adapt this code for my project and it works great, thanks!!!


Just to explain my project, it's a booklet product in which a user uploads a PDF and overflow pages are automatically added. But I want to limit the user to a maximum of 48 pages. So working off that code, if a user uploads a PDF greater than 48 pages, it'll hide my Body and Overflow pages and activate my "Warning" page, which instructs the user to upload a PDF with no more than 48 pages.


dfalkowitz - Assuming your project similarly involves somebody uploading a PDF file, you should be able to setup a rule like this, replacing File Upload with your field:


var r = new FusionProResource(Field("File Upload"), "graphic", "true");

if (r.countPages > 1)
   return "Continued on next page";

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