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FPImposer file offset


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Greetings everyone,


Is there some way to turn off FusionPro's automatic inclusion of the file information at the bottom of a file when exporting from InDesign CS3?


I'm having an issue, and I don't know where to pin it.


I have a file that's supposed to bleed on all sides. When I first export the file from InDesign using the FusionPro plugin, everything seems to go smoothly. The file previews correctly, and I'm able to add text frames, and the rules that I need. The problem comes after I choose the .fpi file, and output the final piece. It seems to completely offset the images.


The only conclusion that I think I have been able to draw is that when I check the X,Y coordinates with Kodak's Geometry Editor, it seems like the borders are offset by some oddball values. I think this occurs when the file information is placed near the bottom of the file in InDesign (filename, date, time, etc.) and it causes the PDF itself to shift upwards, so that when FPImposer tries to center the file, it centers it incorrectly. Can't be sure about that, but at this point, I'm just grabbing for any sticks.


Not sure if this makes any sense, but I'm completely out of tricks on my end.


I appreciate any help.






EDIT: Forgot my signature:


David Gonzalez

PrePress | Digital Press Operator

FusionPro Desktop 5.1P2c

Acrobat 8.3.1

Mac OS 10.4.11

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Alright, so I figured out a work-around. Seems that I just have to fake FPImposer out by exporting a file that's 5'' wide rather than 4'' in order to get rid of the excess space that InDesign places at the bottom of the PDF document, which isn't something I had thought of until after a cup of coffee this morning.
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