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XML data files


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If you use an XML file as your data source, you would need to modify the contents slightly. I edited your first 3 records and attached it to this post (I had to add the .txt suffix for posting purposes -- you can remove that on your end) as an example of what would change. By making a few slight modifications (either when generating the XML data or via an intermediate script), you should have no problems using that format rather than a CSV file.


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Eric, this worked really well in my sample file. I'll check with my client to see if they can provide us with this type of file. What did you have to do on your end to generate the text file?

I manipulated your original XML file in a code editor with several "find & replace" actions to convert the provided tags into story tags. The returns/indents were just to make it easier on the eyes; only the record/story tag changes are necessary for FP.

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