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PPML Konica C6501 PRO 80


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No matter what kind of paper or file, whenever i output to PPML, or even PDF it wants to run DUPLEX on the printer, If i take the same PDF and Print from my computer instead of importing it into COMMAND WORKSTATION, it will work fine let me print simplex.


So the good thing is 90% of what i do is 2 sided addressed or numbered pieces, but now and then i get tickets, that are single sided, I wouldn't even care about letting them duplex (i could insert a slip sheet at the start of each stack), but the paper i use 300GSM and doesn't run well if i force it to duplex, its too thick. Its just a limitation of the Printer. So a end up with a paper mismatch error, as the fiery tell the printer to duplex, and it wont let it duplex 300gsm stock.


I take the same PDF from acrobat X, and print simplex and it works fine. OF course it takes at least 5 times as long to flatten and send to the printer, rather then import the PPML.


Any one else have this issue??



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