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Using a corrected indesign file


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Lets say i have a postcard that was made with indesign. I export it out with FP and do all my variable data and make it pretty. Then i compose a proof. Then the proof comes back with corrects that need to be made in indesign. After i make the changes in indesign, how do i import that newly corrected file into my current fp file without loosing all my rules and work i have previously done?



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FusionPro supports importing as a 2 step process.


#1) From the data definition wizard, choose "Import a data source from another document", and choose the .def file from your previous template.


#2) From the advanced menu, choose "Import", and select your previous PDF template.


Step one imports data definition, rules, and links to resources.

Step two imports color palettes and variable frames, depending on the options you select.

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There is also another method of updating the background pdf of a template. If you get a different InDesign file for updates of an existing template, you can just re-export to the same template again. Here is a posting that I did for someone else that had the same situation.


....If you're talking about needing to replace the background of your template document (because of artwork corrections, alterations, etc.) but don't want to lose any of your previous rules and or graphic or text-box programming already done in FusionPro, Printable has thought of this for us.


When you re-export your document from InDesign or Quark into FusionPro you will be told that the template pdf file already exists so none of the variable element boxes will be exported from InDesign or Quark - just those elements that were not marked as variable in the first place. You will then just need to answer the question prompt as to updating the color and paragraph styles. This will update all the backgroud images and leave the rest of your document alone.


If your original item was a pdf file to begin with, simply load that into either InDesign and Quark and export it overwriting the original template in the method described above. Since the FP pdf document already exists, it will still prompt you in the same manner. If you are totally unsure about this to begin with, simply resave your template with a new name and then update that new document and see what happes. You'll still have your original template to fall back on.


One "cheat method" that I sometimes use is to make the background a "static-variable" element as well. I often code the background as a graphic box that loads in a pre-defined background shell that I save off as a pdf file. That way if the background needs to be changed, but none of the other items in the document will be affected by it, all I need to do is update that background image pdf file.:D


Good Luck,

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