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CopyFit - trouble with width adjustment and line leading

Joanne Edison-Brown

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I am starting to hate business cards :p


I'm hoping somebody here can give me some help on CopyfitLine. I've gone through what feels like a dozen examples here on how to deal with making things fit and nothing really seems to work like I need it to; mostly because I'm trying to teach myself JavaScript as I go and I don't perfectly understand the examples that have been used before. I'm using FusionPro 7.2.


I am using a single frame with inserted fields for the main body of the business card so that I can suppress various lines if they are empty and have everything adjust automatically with the same spacing. My problem relates to the FullAddress line occassionally exceeding the width of the frame and needing to be reduced to fit, the FullAddress line sometimes needs to wrap onto two lines for a particular address that is super long and that when every field is populated all the leading between the lines needs to adjust to squeeze it all in WITHOUT reducing the font size any more, other than the aforementioned FullAddress line.





-- line break here ---







FullAddress is composed of Street + City + Prov + Postal with a rule that looks for the superlong address and inserts a <br> tag to make it two lines. Using the included Overflow/Copyfit functionality doesn't work well because if I have a superlong address or a lot of lines, then the entire frame scales down whether certain lines need to or not. If I use a rule and the "CopyfitLine" code to adjust just the address line in width, it overflows the height of the box when the address breaks over two lines since it doesn't seem to account for the fact that the line is now spread over two lines. In some code I was using, it ENLARGES the address to fit the entire width of the line which is not what I want either. I am unclear as to how using a rule for adjusting a single line works with the Overflow/Copyfit that's built into the system.


How do I approach this? Any help appreciated.

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