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Strikethrough becomes very thin


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Did a job recently and I didn't notice before it was run that the strikethrough became very thin - almost non-existant. (The Strikethroughapplied in fusion pro in the variable text editor isomg the Strikethrough Style buttoN to a variable field). The font used was Minion Bold 8 pt (the actual font - not the Bold stylization within FusionPro).


Any idea why this would happen - and what can I do to avoid this in the future.


I composed the job to a PDF (PPML was giving me transparency problems and the job was small enough I decided to just make it a PDF for a quick fix) - output it on a Canon ImagePress C6000.


I use FusionPro 7.1P1c on a Mac OS/X - 10.5.8






Graphics Department

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