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Assorted template questions


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Attached is the right side of a template we are being asked to create. It contains a few items I have questions about.


1. The image is not square, it has rounded corners. Am I right that there is no way to accommodate this in FP?

2. The image has a drop shadow. Can this be accommodated?

3. The person's biography is in a text box to the right of the image. This bio is placed on top of a blue tint. Both the image and the bio will be profile attributes that will change based on the user that logs into the system. The 3rd question is: Can the blue background tint be programmed to change depths based upon the length of the bio of the user?


Thank you for any help you can provide. Craig


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1. Word on the street (and by street, I mean forum) is: FP8.0 will support round corners. I realize that does not help you at the moment so you could try making a PDF with a transparent round-cornered square that will sit on top of your variable portraits. (see attached)


2. If you use the work around in my response to #1, you'll be able to bring in the drop shadow in the PDF graphic.


3. I'm not sure what you mean by "change depths of the blue tint." Do you want to change the color of the box based on the length of the paragraph it will contain? Do you want to change the height of the box and elongate the blue box based on the length of the paragraph? I think that either can be accomplished be setting up a table of variable height and a blue background. You will have to create an image for the round cornered bottom that will flow in line with the table as well.


Hope this helps or at least gets your brain thinking of a greater solution.


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