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Suppress FP Expression resource


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I am trying to suppress a FP Expression image, but can't get it working with the following OnRecordStart script because the SetGraphic function only seems to work with graphic resources. The error message says that a FP Expression resource is not a graphic resource:


var boyframe = FindGraphicFrame("shirt");

var girlframe = FindGraphicFrame("tattoo");


if (Field("gender") == "m")



boyframe.suppress = false;

girlframe.suppress = true;





girlframe.suppress = false;

boyframe.suppress = true;



Is there another function? I can't find it.

Any idea is very welcome.

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While I'm not familiar with FP Expression, I do know that if you don't have the graphic linked as Resource your code will not work.


Are "shirt" and "tattoo" field names in your data file that reference the entire file name of the image you're wanting to bring in? If so, CreateResource may be the solution you're searching for:



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Oh, okay. I may be over my head with this FP Expression dilemma but my last ditched effort would be to try:



Or, could you not apply the rule to the graphic frame and then just suppress it with the OnRecordStart rule?

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