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Can a rule be created to prevent a Canada zip code from breaking?


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Sure, create a blank text rule and paste this into it:


var zip = [color="Red"]Field("YOURZIPFIELD")[/color];
return zip.replace(" "," ");


Remember to check the box beside "Treat returned strings as tagged text" and replace the field in red with the name of your zip code field.

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Yes, that does look like what I am looking for, but I don't understand the code. It looks to me like it will create a text resource, is that correct? I tried using it and replacing it like this, but it didn't print anything, can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Here is what I used:


var name = CreateResource("Dealer\\" + Field("Dealer_Name") + ".txt", "tagged text file", true);

return name.content.replace(/(.*)(\s)(.+)$/, "$1 $3");

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Try this:


// Use TextMeasure to get the length of each company name
var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;
var frameWidth = [color="red"]2[/color]; // set width of the text box (in inches)
tm.pointSize = "[color="red"]10 pt[/color]"; // set the type size
tm.font = "[color="red"]Helvetica[/color]"; // set your typeface
var str = Field("[color="Red"]YOURFIELDNAMEHERE[/color]"); // set the field to use
tm.useTags = false;
var tmWidth = tm.textWidth;

return (tmWidth < frameWidth*7200) ? str : str.replace(/(.*)(\s)(.+)$/, "$1 $3");


Edit all of the places in red to match your job and this should give you your desired results.

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