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Upper Case some of the time


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I have a project where I'm using the same data-file variable (first name) in two different text frames. The first name is in Proper Case in the data file.

In one of the text frames I can use the name as-is, in proper case. In the other, I need the first name in all-caps.

How can I set up a frame-specific rule to do the upper-case conversion only where needed?


I am a rank beginner in terms of building rules, so it won't be enough to say " just build this sort of rule where it does this". I need also to know how to create such a rule from scratch in the first place. The Video tutorials mention a Knowledge Base available somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it. Can someone point me to it?

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Sure, create a blank text rule and title it something like: "RULE_FormatFirstName."


Within the rule, paste this code:

return ToUpper(Field("first name"));


Then within your text editor, you should see "RULE_FormatFirstName" in the drop down menu of your variables.

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