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Coupon to cover product AND shipping


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Does anyone know a way to create a coupon that will cover the product price and shipping cost with out having to create a second product with different pricing and different shipping?


We have stores selling customized calendars where you select the pictures for each month from a gallery or the ability to upload your own pictures.


We want to sell a "Gift Card" for these calendars. So someone could purchase a "Gift Card" for a calendar and send a coupon to the recipient so they could create their own calendar. The purchaser would select the "Gift Card" go though the entire process of entering the recipient's address and the billing address. Since the shipping address is entered the shipping cost would be able to be calculated. We give them a coupon for the total amount of both the cost of the calendar AND the shipping cost.


We want to be able to use the same calendar product to accept the coupon as well as without using a coupon. The only way I can figure to do this is 2 separate products since you can't create a coupon that can cover shipping costs. You can't use a % off coupon because they might order more than what the coupon was purchased for. The amount off coupon or the free product coupons don't cover shipping.


Hopefully, I'm just missing something and there is a way to do this because if you can't, I think this is a major problem.

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