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Expression and file size


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We are creating a personalized calendar for our customers. We are using 12 different Expression templates. The base art for the calendar is vector, so digitally, it's quite small. I have everything set up to run, but when I compose, the end result is over 200MB PER calendar! Is this right or is there a way to compress the files as they are composing? I have a list of over 300 names and the going is VERY slow. I'm also getting all these error messages in the FusionPro composition window telling me it's timing out and can't find images, among other things, but when I let it finish and check the file, it's fine! Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not - when I ran a test file, it was perfect with no error messages or "Waiting for Personalized Image", etc.


Sorry - I meant to gather the info on the computer I'm running it on before this post, but it's running the next batch of 20 names (I can't run any more than that at a time without it choking the computer to the point of a complete lock-up). I believe it's Acrobat 10 pro on Windows XP. I'll have to check the RAM to give you specifics on that later - boss assures me that it's LOTS of RAM.


Oh, I tried running a PPML file, and that DOES make it smaller, but it's still huge, and I'm wondering what kind of RIP problem that might create once it hits Command Workstation on the Canon.


Thanks for your input!

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