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Add a field to a database after composition


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We have a job that is a purl campaign. It is going to create a website out of the person's first and last name. If there is no first or no last name it is going to create it with the business field that they are associated with. I created a rule to make that happen. What i want to know, Is there a way to add a field in that database, after the compostion, that has the newly made websites?
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Hello Jordan,


In working with customers using FusionPro Desktop with our Personalized URL package (FusionPro Links) as well as other Personalized URL solutions, it's always recommended that you load your database into the PURL solution and let that product create and append the PURLs to your list.


After the PURL system adds that data to your list, you can then download it and work with it in FusionPro Desktop.


Using rules in FusionPro to make the PURLs is not advised because there is no guarantee that the PURLs created with these rules will be identical for all records in the database with what the PURL application will create.


For example, FusionPro Links ensures unique URLs are created for a campaign - even when there are multiple lists being used in that single campaign (JohnSmith, JohnSmith1, JohnSmith2, etc).


We also replace special characters with characters that are valid in URLs (e.g. é is swapped with e, ñ is swapped with n, symbols are removed, etc).


Using the PURL app to create the PURLs helps avoid 2 common mistakes that can be made - directing the recipient of the mailing to a PURL that doesn't exist or (arguably the worst case scenario) directing a recepient to someone else's PURL which may have personal information in the personalized Microsite.


PURL creation workflow advise aside, you asked about appending data to a database at the end of the composition. While there is some advanced JavaScript that can likely accomplish this, I would suggest doing it to the data before it gets into FusionPro. This can be done quite simply in Excel and would avoid you having to work with a potentially complex JS in FusionPro.


Hope this info helps, Jordan.

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