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Help with Donation Amount variable text rule


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Working on a fund raising card and client wants amount from a list preceded with a wingding check box

or if blank

a series of amounts with wingding check boxes


example: r = wingding check box


r << amount >>


if blank return


r $20 r $50 r $100 r $300 r $500 r $1000


could use help on setting rule up






Using FP5.1 Acrobat8

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have the first part working and the default amounts but missing the check box for this part




if (Field("request") == String("r"))


return "<span>" + Rule("wingdings") + (" ") + Field("amount") + "</span>";




return "<span>" + String("r $10 r $25 r $50 r $100 r $250") + "</span>";






will try to figure out in the morning

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