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ProperCase Problems....


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So here's the deal -


I'd like to have the recipient's first name be proper case because they always send it in caps. Looks silly. However, when starting a paragraph with this, it presents a problem when the client leaves that field empty:


var Var1 = "RecipientFirstName";

return ToTitleCase(Field(Var1)+", the ");

if (Field("RecipientFirstName") == "")

return "The " );


I'm trying to do RecipientFirstName in proper case, followed by a comma and the word "the" - using that code above, it will always capitalize the word "the" even if it's not starting the paragraph. I'd like to create a rule that will only capitalize "the" when the Recipient's first name field is empty. Using that rule above, it will capitalize the "The" regardless.

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Oops, I overlooked the fact that your first return executes outside a loop and so the second two lines never get the opportunity to run. Try modifying your code to read:

var Var1 = Field("RecipientFirstName"); 
if (Var1 == "") return "The ";
else return ToTitleCase(Var1) + ", the ";

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