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Applying a Specific Font to a Variable


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// This rule allows you to typeset a variable with a specific font. By doing so, you can use multiple fonts in one rule, regardless of

// the font you applied in the Variable Text Editor.


// To complete this rule, you will need the name of the font, as it appears in the FusionPro file, "Fonts.ini"


// In Windows, this file is found in the same directory as FusionPro - by default:

// C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro


// On the Mac, this file is found in

// Mac HD: Library: Prefrences: Printable: FusionPro: Fonts


// *** IMPORTANT ***

// While this file is opened in a text editor, do not change or alter this file. Simply use it to find the correct name and

// spelling of the font you want to use.



if (Field("Phone1") != "")


return Rule("Phone1_PhoneFormatting")+" "+"<f name= \"font name\">"+Field("Phone1_Title")+"</f>";




return "";


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