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W2P Dynamic Chart


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Hi All - I need a way to allow site users to "build" a chart via W2P and TRY to keep ease of use in mind from the user experience point of view. I quoted 'build' because the x-axis and y-axis of the chart are constant and would always print. We just want the user to be able to input a true/false value for any combination of (x,y) coordinates which would either populate or suppress the output of an image or special text character in each cell of the chart. See attached for an example of a chart.


Out of the box this could be accomplished with an image dropdown variable for each cell. However, I don't think this is practical given the size of the chart. In this case the x-axis = the 12 months of the year and the y-axis represents all possible services (let's say 12) offered by a Financial Advisor. 144 possible options we need to account for and one of the longest online forms I would have ever scene unless someone has some tricks up their sleeve!


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