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I am not having any luck searching the posts for answers so I apologize if this has been covered already.


I have a job that I want to split into a separate pdf file for each record. That in itself is not a problem as I can set the output to multiiple files to a single record and at will make a pdf for each record.


The problem is that I need to be able to include one of the data fields into the pdf file name. Can that be done in fusion?


Example file name:


Variable part of file name: <file_field>

Static part of file name: -JJK-120508-

FusionPro file number add on: 1


Composed file names:






This is a huge project with thousands of records per day so we need to automate our system as much as we can. If we can do this with fusion pro it would be a big step for us.


Thank you.


Bob M.

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There is a CallBack rule named "OnNewOutputFile" that you should check out. In it you can create a specific name for each output file that is created or even have a unique field inside your data base file to be used as the name of the output file.


If more than one file is to be created (batches or chuncks as FP likes to refer to it) then you can also number your files as well. If you are doing an output file for each and every record in your data file, you can simply append the CurrentRecordNumber to the end of each file in the rule such as...


FusionPro.Composition.outputFileName = "your file name" + Field("filename") + CurrentRecordNumber() + ".pdf"


You can also use another similar command in this callback rule to specify a path as well. I've used this to place output files into a specific hotfolder for printing.


FusionPro.Composition.outputFileFullPathName = "c:\\yourpathname\\" + Field("filename") + CurrentRecordNumber() + ".pdf"


Check these out. Good Luck.

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