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Expression with FP Desktop


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We are trying to create an Expression image locally with FP desktop. Have read the manual, and searched here. Two problems:


1) Still picking up "preview" watermarks, even after overriding the installation path per the manual.


2) Expression image in final merged PDF file looks funky (shows original sample variable name used in the purchased .FPX file, along with new merged name from our data file). May be related in some way to problem #1?


Expression 3.1

FP Desktop 7.2P1d

Windows 7 (64) bit

Acrobat 10 Standard

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For issue #2, it looks like the .FPX template has two text fields (Cake_closeup_85009), which are the "Happy Birthday" and then the variable name. It is putting the first name from our data file in the "Happy Birthday" text, and leaving the sample name from the original .FPX template file. So, our second issue is really, how do we assign which text field picks up the name from our data file, or otherwise work around this?


Thanks in advance for help on both issues!

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