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Helpdesk application recommendations

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I'm hoping some of you might be able to offer a little help...


We're looking to improve and organize the email support we provide our end-users by implementing a help-desk application.


We tested an application but it's not giving us the desired functionality so I hoping maybe some of you could provide recommendations on applications you're using.


Below are our requirements:

-Hosted Solution: we wish for the service provider to host the application for us.

-Monitor inbound email: Application should be able to monitor inbound emails and create tickets and automatically assign them to a support team member.

-Updates: Application should email the assigned tech if new emails or updates to a ticket are added.

-SLA: We would like to be able to configure SLA's for the support team which will automatically esclate tickets based on their idle time.

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You might want to take a look at Jira from Atlassian. This is the system that we use here at Printable and it's just a great tool. It's very reliable, configurable/customizable, and quite powerful for our helpdesk needs.


We've utilized a feature in Jira where customers in our Web product can submit issues directly to the system which get assigned to support. Comments the support rep adds to the case are then viewable by the customer. A great way to keep the customer informed while also ensuring all the relevant support conversation is in a centralized location for our dev, QA, doc, and customer services folks to all access as needed.


While we use the software version (which we installed a server), they do have a hosted version available as well.


Give them a look over at:



And you've got to love the tag line - "Jira - Because you have issues".

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Thanks for your feedback. I spoke with our CPM about Jira but it can't monitor inbound emails (at least it can't based on the conversation I had). All the stores are accessed via SSO which means we don't really moderate the logins and trying to manage a separate portal where users could submit a ticket via a webpage wouldn't be feasible for us.


We would really need the ability to monitor inbound emails and have tickets automatically generated. If Jira does have this functionality please let me know.

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