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Drop Shadow on White Text


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Drop-shadow color (in shades of gray, that is) is based on the color of the text that you are applying the drop-shadow to. So white text, with 0% gray in it, doesn't currently show a shadow.


We've discussed making drop-shadows for white/light text a bit easier to apply but in the meantime, here's a little method you can use to achieve a drop-shadow.


1) After you have the exact text you want in your frame, set it to 100% black text.


2) Apply drop-shadow to that frame and preview as appropriate.


3) Now, copy your text frame and paste it back into the template (CTRL+C, CTRL+V). You now have 2 identical frames layered on top of one another.


4) In the top frame, open the text editor, select all of your text, and set to white.


5) Preview again - you'll see the white text you expect with a drop-shadow applied behind it.




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