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Entering Subscript/Superscript Characters


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Hi Everyone,


Usually I tell my clients to use the Windows Alt Key Codes when trying to enter special characters into the online form. But since no Alt Key Code exists for superscript or subscript characters, how do your customers enter them?



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Hello Lisa,


Characters like ™ are automatically superscripted when the correct key combination is entered. If you would like to superscript other characters such as ® or ©, these can be programmed to superscript from within the FusionPro template by using ReplaceSubstring or replace.


Jeff Stehman

Technical Support | PTI Marketing Technologies | Printable Technologies, Inc.

jstehman@pti.com | www.pti.com

858.847.6622 direct | 800.220.1727 office

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Thanks Jeff!


You'd think by now I'd know how to use this function but I honestly do not. Is this a rule that needs to be set using a callback rule so that all instances throughout the entire template are searched? Could you give me an example of how to use the ReplaceSubstring function?


I searched the documentation and see the breakdown but have no idea where to start...

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