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Turn on/off Text Frames


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I am so not a java script guy. I have mad respect for all you guys/gals that post in here. Its been a great help to me. Just thought I'd start there. :) Up to this point, I have been extremely lucky, but Im stuck... here goes.


I have 2 text frames on a page. In my data I have a field "affiliate". It has an "A" or "NA" as a value. I want to suppress one of the text frames and leave one visible based upon those values. Jeeeeze. It sounds simple...and Im sure it probably is.






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You need to give your text frames unique names in your template. Then you can have the following code in an OnRecordStart callback rule:

if (Field("affiliate") == "A") FindTextFrame("NA Text Frame Name").suppress = true;
else FindTextFrame("A Text Frame Name").suppress = true;

I believe it was in version 6.0 that this method first became available.


JavaScript isn't too difficult to learn, especially in a FusionPro context. Also, you should try searching for what you need to do on the forums. Most of the things you need to do on a day-to-day basis have already been asked and you would only need to modify the pre-supplied code to fit your field/frame names. Good luck!

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esmith thank you! works perfectly.


I searched the forum yesterday and found the FindTextFrame code, and another post suggested the OnRecordStart callback, I just couldn't put it all together. Im such a noob, and know just enough to be dangerous. Thanks so much for the help and advice.


I am really enjoying this after doing PrePress for the last 14 years.

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