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Splitting lines


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Is there a way that i can split the amount of words that is displayed on a line in fusion pro. Without editting it in Excel first. For example in one cell of my excel document, i have the text saying 'The lazy fox jumped over the traffic warden', is there a way in excel so that fusion pro splits the line up so we have 'The lazy fox' and one line and the rest on the second line. Need to split with amount of characters ideally. I know its a big ask but just wondered if it could be done rather than altering all of the excel file.


Hope you can help.




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I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are wanting to do (assuming you want the break to occur across multiple records for different strings), but you can likely create a JavaScript rule that returns the string from your data with added break tags (and checking the "return text as tagged" box in the rule dialog).


If the text was ALWAYS constant between records, your rule might look something like:

var result = "The lazy fox<br />jumped over the traffic warden";
return result;

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