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retrieve client uploaded graphics


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We have business cards that give realtors the option to upload their own unique logos or pick from a drop down list. Is there a way to retrieve the image that was uploaded so that we can convert it to a single spot color and add it to the library for future drop down menu use? I know we could extract it from the pdf, but it would be ideal to grab the exact file, and getting the images submitted directly to us isn't an option. So basically I'm asking where the full resolution images that are uploaded by clients from the storefront reside. I'm brand new to this, so pardon my ignorance if I should already know this... thanks!
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There isn't a way to get those. The best you could do is a Manager feature called Attach File to Line Item. That would give them a link to attach the file and it would carry through to the Dashboard with the order, but that would rely on the store user taking that extra step of attaching/uploading it a second time.


If it's a Variable item and you opt for Mapped Data and as the output type and then select Offline Composition, you would get a zip file containing the images that were uploaded. However, since you said it's a business card that probably wouldn't apply in your case.


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