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Font format not retained when exporting from InDesign

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I've seen a couple of posts similar to this, but did not see where there was a definitive solution to the issue.


I have a client who is using InDesign CS4 and FusionPro Desktop 7.1P1c. The text in the InDesign text frames are being formatted by directly assigning font formatting to the text (i.e. not by using character/paragraph styles). Upon selecting text frames to be exported as variable and choosing the Export Document option from the FusionPro Pallet in InDesign, the text in the variable text frames in Acrobat are not retaining the same font formatting.


It has been verified that the fonts are available to InDesign during the export. The client has performed "Load All" for fonts in FusionPro and have verified that the fonts are available to FusionPro because they can be assigned manually within FusionPro to text in a text frame and compose correctly. There are no errors in the fonts.err file regarding the fonts being used.


From my experience I have seen this same issue occur with other clients that are developing templates on the Macintosh platform. I perform the majority of my template development on the Windows platform and do not encounter this font issue.


Is there a definable solution to export a document from InDesign and retain the font formatting in the variable text frames so that it does not need to be reapplied every time?

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