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Cant' get the proper results from my rule.


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My issue is more with what is being returned from the rule.

Specifically ---- else return '- '+Field("Zip+4");


This should return “-1234” the value in the rules editor says that it returns “-1234” but what I see on the card is only “1234” I have tried with other characters “Fax:” for example and I still do not get the value returned properly to the document. I seem to loose anything I am pre-pending to the result.

The attached screenshot shows that the return is correct, but the Resulting card is not......This is after I removed the “- “ from the text portion of the template..... I want the return value to appear on the card, just as it does on the message.

You can see an example of what I am talking about in the attached image.


I can make this all work with the rules I have if I can get this part to function...

This is the rule that I am using...

if (Field("Zip+4") == "") return ""; else return '- '+Field("Zip+4");

Any ides?

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