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Transfer 5.5 to 6.0 Keep client data

Ron Cook

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We’re have a major problem with transferring 5.5 client entered data to 6.0. One of our biggest Printable clients has entered hundreds of employee information for business cards and is freaking out about having to re-enter all her data. Has anyone run into this and if so how did you handle it? Printable support says there is no way to download 5.5 client entered data fields and upload them to 6.0. This is a major bummer!:( An upgrade should be seamless on the user end. We think Printable should be transferring sites from 5.5 to 6.0. It’s almost like starting from scratch!:eek::eek::eek:
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We are unable to automatically migrate a store to 6.0. If you have a customer who wants to migrate their store in 6.0, you will need to re-build the store.


Using Bulk Ops and Copy Template functionality, this can be done without too much trouble. Please keep in mind that since you are creating a new store, some items are unavailable to be transferred, here is a short list:

a) Quickfills

b) Saved Shopping Carts

c) Order History (still available in Dashboard Reports)

d) Employee Lists


Your CPM can activate a 6.0 version of your 5.5 store for you at no charge. We can also rebuild the store for you if you'd prefer.


Here are some pointers for rebuilding a store in v6.0:


1) Talk to your CPM about the features you are using in 5.5 and whether they are available in 6.0. Do this early in the process so you can give your customers the most accurate information possible. We are here to help!

2) The 5.5 Bulk Ops and 6.0 Bulk Ops are not identical. You will need to copy and paste the data from the 5.5 spreadsheet into the appropriate columns in the 6.0 spreadsheet.

3) 5.5 Categories are Products in 6.0, and 5.5 Products are SKUs in 6.0

4) You cannot obtain the passwords from the manager for your 5.5 store. If you give all the users a generic password in 6.0, you can force them to change it on their next login

5) Be sure that you have legacy pricing in your 6.0 store disabled, this will give you the lot pricing that you had in 5.5

6) Take advantage of the benefits of using 6.0, talk to your CPM about customizing your store using HTML and CSS


Let me know if any of you have specific questions and we will do our best to get you the information you need.


Happy Building!



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