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Using Postscript fonts in Windows 7


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We can't get Postscript fonts to work with Fusion Pro 6.2P1c on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. We're using Acrobat 9 Professional that has now been updated to 9.4.2 without solving the issue.


The problem is that Fusion Pro is unable to "see" Postscript fonts. When scanning for fonts by using "Load New" or "Load All" then the fonts.err always contains this error message:

Unable to load PostScript fonts from registry
Continue with other fonts

I have just tested on CLEAN Windows 7 installation where I installed Acrobat Professional 9.3 which was then updated to 9.4.2, rebooted the machine and installed Fusion Pro 6.2P1c. I right clicked a Postscript Type 1 font and installed it, verified that WordPad could use it and clicked "Load New" in Fusio Pro but it didn't appear. I then clicked on "Load All" but that didn't help either and the error message was also repeated in fonts.err.


OpenType fonts (also Postscript based) and TrueType fonts are recognized without problems.


Are we the only ones with this problem? What do you do to make it work with Postscript Type 1 fonts?



René Frej Nielsen

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